Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Nadia El-Awady (@NadiaE)
8/14/13 6:09 AM
My friends are continuously posting news of deaths of their friends in today's massacre. Our hearts are breaking.

#AntiCoup Alliance (@EgyAntiCoup)
8/14/13 6:11 AM
We confirm that daughter of MB deputy chairman Khairat el Shater has not been shot dead as reported by some media outlets.#RabaaMassacre

Mike Giglio (@mike_giglio)
8/14/13 6:08 AM
Cops took my laptop, opened it on the scene. Then punched me in the head until I gave them the password. Laptop, wallet, cell not returned.

Khaled Elgindy (@elgindy_)
8/14/13 6:12 AM
There is simply no justification for the killing of so many people today by Egyptian security forces. Not politically, legally or morally.

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
8/14/13 6:17 AM
RT @NextCityOrg A new study from Finland explores why people are attracted to collaborative #SharedCity

Study: Why We Start Sharing Isn’t Why We Keep Doing It

| 08/14/2013 8:00am | 0

Collaborative consumption, they write, "has been regarded as a mode of consumption that engages especially environmentally and ecologically conscious consumers." But their findings "suggest that these aspirations might not translate so much into behavior as they do into attitudes."
In short, the study found that users are attracted to using services like Sharetribe because of a desire to do more with less, and the fun that comes with being part of a community. But they actual take part in sharing behaviors because of what it does for their wallets. The reputation boost that participation might be thought to provide didn’t matter much either way.

A secret public library in New York? Yes, please! And the unquiet history of libraries

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Global Voices (@globalvoices)
8/14/13 6:18 AM
RT @JustAmira Journalists Covering #Egypt Shot At, Arrested & Threatened… #Rabaa

Mike Giglio (@mike_giglio)
8/14/13 5:01 AM
French photog Louis Jammes arrested with me. Found @ManiJournalist in detention. Both also beaten after IDing as press. Both fine and out.

Kelly Hoey (@jkhoey)
8/14/13 6:21 AM
Build a life, don't live one. - @aplusk…

Tarek Shalaby (@tarekshalaby)
8/14/13 6:14 AM
The battlefield is at Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz. Some of the pro-Morsi advance and retreat, and the majority are settled at Mostafa Mahmoud sq.

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
8/14/13 6:28 AM
You get what you pay for in testing. Other countries spend 2x for better tests, but only give them a 2-3 times K-12


how is any test ... that you buy for a population... worth it...?
esp as pertaining to a prescribed/mandated curriculum/core

Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher)
8/14/13 6:29 AM
"If publishing is going to evolve, it's going to have to embrace this kind of convergence," (Is that true?)…

Beyond The Story's chief technology officer Kirk Bowe explains the motivation further. "We're really talking about early teens, which is the first time people become engaged with the story at school level," he says.

if that is the case.. why do we shame people that don't school read before that.
perhaps a huge.. and perhaps damming/damning correlation.. no?

"That's the direction our platform is heading in," he says. "How do you present all this as a cohesive, coherent experience for the reader without sending them off to separate books or Wikipedia, and breaking the spell?"

perhaps Wikipedia is part of a spell.. better perhaps a universal allure... a space for the adjacent possible.. the dance.. for all..

perhaps... the game.. the dance.. for 100% of humanity.. encourages/facilitates whimsy/choice/natural organic allure 

Ultimately, though, Beyond The Story wants to license its platform to publishers so that authors can use it when writing their boo

oh. the demise of the license...

jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill)
8/13/13 3:52 PM
Gonna start a website called "Official Policy" with a list of 100 must follow conventional thinkers on twitter.

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
8/14/13 6:44 AM
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -- Socrates

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
8/14/13 6:46 AM
Wow. MT @TheBigPharaoh Pic of police APC with its crew inside thrown off the bridge by pro-Morsi. Pic by@sabrykhaled