Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
8/23/13 7:40 AM
RT @SBLeaders: Why Encouragement Fails – What to Do About It via@Leadershipfreak
When I asked, “How can I encourage you?” I affirmed my own ignorance and his individuality.

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
8/23/13 7:40 AM
Former CIA agent @barryeisler: "David Miranda and the Preclusion of Privacy"…

The National Surveillance State doesn't want anyone to be able to communicate without the authorities being able to monitor that communication

 familiar... no?

To achieve the ability to monitor all human communication, broadly speaking the National Surveillance State must do two things:  first, button up the primary means of human communication -- today meaning the Internet, telephone, and snail mail; second, clamp down on backup systems, meaning face-to-face communication, which is, after all, all that's left to the population when everything else has been bugged.

The authorities knew there were copies, so destroying the information itself wasn't the point of the exercise.  The point was to make the Guardian spend time and energy developing suboptimal backup options -- that is, to make journalism harder, slower, and less secure.

familiar as well.. and noteworthy

Whether they've miscalculated depends on how well they've gauged the passivity of the public.

on feeding pluralistic ignorance

Amy Kirschner (@amykirschner)
8/23/13 3:03 PM
"@Etsy on Code Deployment, Monitoring and Failure Procedures"

Because we work in such small changes, we believe that it gets rid of the need for having a large formal QA process
So when that happened we immediately stopped people from pushing code. It took us about a minute to determine that that was the problem because in the logs there were a lot of errors and they had those numbers. And if you've seen that number before, you would know that number. You know the bad feelings that come with seeing that number.

Students Rebuild (@studentsrebuild)
8/23/13 11:55 AM
#Mission31 is @FCousteau's endeavor to live underwater for 31 days. @weatherchannel to broadcast to classrooms:

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