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Einstein's Garden (@EinsteinsGarden)
8/10/13 6:34 AM
How about some @EinsteinsGarden previews?! Here's @ballinawhales… on the Solar Stage on Friday #greenman13

Democracy Now! (@democracynow)
8/9/13 12:25 PM
Three U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 12 in

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
8/10/13 6:49 AM
European leaders’ recently decided to allocate $60 billion to banks, but only $6 billion to fight youth#unemployment

Great post on a national network of local #libraries in #Kenya as innovative community resources

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WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
8/10/13 6:49 AM
Somewhere in Russia, Edward Snowden Is Smiling…

president, the day marked an attempt to wrest some control of a situation that increasingly threatens to disrupt the national security calculus. Late last month, an attempt by liberals and libertarian Republicans in the House to limit the NSA's authority fell inches short. To that end, the president announced that he would work with Congress
Even as the president was outlining his plans, he was just as quick to insist that the NSA's wide latitude to collect data isn't being abused. "America is not interested in spying on ordinary people," Obama said. The surveillance programs, he said, were valuable and "should be preserved." The flaw, if there was one, he said, lay in his assumption that the public would trust that the "checks and balances" in place between the administration, Congress, and the courts was enough to secure personal freedom. Instead, he said, after Snowden's revelations, "I think people have questions about this program."

Tim Kastelle (@timkastelle)
8/10/13 6:55 AM
definitely some good ones here: 12 Must Watch Non-TED Talks for

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
8/10/13 7:02 AM
Some Of The Most Exciting Tech Companies Are The Ones You Never Hear

Much of the technology that drives Siri, however, is produced by Nuance Communications, widely recognized as the leader in voice recognition systems.  Nuance isn’t a start-up, it’s origins date back to Kurzweil Computer Products in the 1970’s and currently has revenues of over $1 billion and a market cap of $6 billion.
As artificial intelligence becomes integral to technology products, we can expect Nuance to play a central role.  While Microsoft, Google and others have built impressive platforms of their own, Nuance’s has been working on their technology for decades and it remains the gold standard.
If Apple ever decides to use their cash hoard for major acquisitions, Nuance will likely be rank high on the list.

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
8/10/13 7:08 AM
It's still shocking - and inexcusable - that this remains a…

TimKarr (@TimKarr)
8/10/13 7:08 AM
Shame this didn't happen sooner MT @zeynep @JessieNYC University of California adopts#openaccess policy…

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
8/10/13 7:09 AM
Obama cartoon sums why US political figures are too scared to oppose NSA mass

John Spencer (@edrethink)
8/10/13 7:10 AM
My goal is to be more intentional about being present. #rechat

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
8/10/13 7:10 AM
Only true of those who don't see it in themselves RT @wortwelt Society can't accept true Idealism as genuine motivation. #Snowden

Julie Tiedens (@julietiedens)
8/10/13 6:43 AM
Finding syllabi for a 1:1 environment wasn't as easy as thought it would be…#edchat #wischat #classroom

perhaps .. the too much-ness of 1to1 begs no syllabus....

oh my... lucky I read the algebra last..

yet... the others aren't a setting free... so they will be missing genius.
even the most free looking... by the title, description... s a push... not an allure.

we can do better... by doing so much less (ESP in regard to compulsion and control) which turns out.. as a relief for all... 

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
8/10/13 7:18 AM
My latest keynote at Gallup Ed conference just posted: "A New Paradigm in Education" -

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
8/9/13 6:45 AM
Winning the Common Core Great post by@nancyflanagan#edchat

Perhaps because Americans as a nation have a gift for organizing, we tend to meet any new situation by reorganization, and a wonderful method it is for creating the illusion of progress at the mere cost of confusion, inefficiency and demoralization.
Charles Ogborn

great quote. oh my  - to the rest.