Friday, August 23, 2013

tweets - schank -ai, hood, ethan z, & 10,000

Roger Schank (@rogerschank)
8/23/13 6:48 AM
a simulated converstion with the best doctors; our latest AI attempt; try the

Neighborhood Centers (@NeighborhoodCtr)
8/23/13 6:51 AM
We'll be on @GreatDayHouston this morning from 9-10 a.m. discussing #HTownStories, our powerful new film. Stay tuned, #Houston!

pat kane (@theplayethic)
8/23/13 6:46 AM
"In cognitively demanding fields, there are no naturals" Phew, ain't that so. Gladwell refines the 10000hrs rule

The New Civics, the Good Citizen, and the Born Digital Generation via @EthanZ

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