Thursday, August 8, 2013


Marc Prensky (@marcprensky)
8/5/13 5:31 AM
Use video just as you would use writing—Make, and have kids make, videos every

Alex Osterwalder (@AlexOsterwalder)
8/5/13 5:53 AM
Amazing how our rockstar intern, Haya (MIT), captured customer profiles in @strategyzer from our custdev interviews #bmgen

Rockefeller Fdn (@RockefellerFdn)
8/5/13 4:52 AM
Just launched! What does your city need to be resilient?

Noah Geisel (@SenorG)
8/5/13 5:55 AM
This article is changing my life. Highly recommend it MT @mrsfrankina: The Best Gmail IFTTT Recipes

Philip McIntosh (@mistermcintosh)
8/5/13 5:55 AM
Trying to train myself to get up at 0530 every morning. Almost there (0540 today). It's amazing how much you can get done before 8 o'clock.

Bob Burg (@BobBurg)
8/5/13 5:54 AM
As human beings we tend to believe that others think as we think. We are usually incorrect in that conclusion.

Paul Genge (@paulgenge)
8/4/13 4:58 PM
"The people who have a hard time comprehending how children could learn without extrinsic motivators concern me the most" - @joe_bower #me2

Julie Brannon (@Julia_Brannon)
8/5/13 6:05 AM
"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."
— Jorge Luis Borges

a kind of coffee house

Ryan Bretag (@ryanbretag)
8/5/13 6:14 AM
Redefining Digital Learning in Mathematics -- hits upon blogfolio concept #d225play

Philip McIntosh (@mistermcintosh)
8/5/13 6:17 AM
What Is A Teacherpreneur? [looks like it could be interesting. First chapter available for free]