Monday, August 19, 2013

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"Al Jazeera America is the most ambitious American television news venture since the Fox News Channel in 1996."

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Shane Parrish (@farnamstreet)
8/18/13 7:15 AM
“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” — George Saunders

Noor Al Hussein (@QueenNoor)
8/18/13 7:26 AM
How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
8/18/13 7:30 AM
Why college admissions officers are smarter than some people

Tom Boito (@xmath2007)
8/18/13 7:31 AM
From pet therapy to yoga, schools address kids' stress (via @Pocket)


Babson College (@babson)
8/19/13 6:40 AM
Women-owned businesses a growing force changing the local, national

keeps female business owners up at night is the state of the economy (57 percent), health insurance costs and affordability (40 percent), business tax issues (36 percent), and access to a quality workforce (36 percent).
Most women-owned businesses financed their business through credit cards (45 percent), business earnings (40 percent), or private sources such as personal savings or contributions from family or friends (37 percent).
“I’m liable for my business,” Savello said. “I’m not going to put my employees or clients at risk. I’ve worked too hard and want them to keep coming back.
“We are taking all the risk, the banks need to take a risk,” she said. “We need to return to a time when you knew your banker and if they believed in your business plan they approved your loan.”
In her case, banks “wanted too much” to fund Seasons Funeral Planning Services.
“A robust supply chain of innovative small businesses makes our country more globally competitive, encourages more corporations to bring production back to the U.S. and helps create jobs here at home,” Marie Johns, deputy administrator of the SBA, wrote in a blog post on the SBA website. “Our goal, and the goal of the ChallengeHER Campaign, is to ensure that women-owned small businesses across the country have the access and opportunity they need to succeed.”

what if.. it's not about competition... but about collaboration.
the dance... of humans (rather than ie:women, blacks, youth, et al)

Rhizome (@rhizome)
8/19/13 7:09 AM
Is the centralized internet here to stay? (With occasional outages.)…
Might the city-states yet be overrun by Khan-like nomads

Matthew Murrie (@MattMurrie)
8/19/13 7:11 AM
What if we said no to school?

or realized it as simply a node in the web of learning

Patrick Meier (@PatrickMeier)
8/19/13 7:20 AM
Online gamers harnessed to help disaster response by@newscientist #smem

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
8/19/13 7:20 AM
“Attention is an unapologetic discriminator. It asks what is relevant right now and gears us up to notice only that.”

James Rhodes (@JRhodesPianist)
8/19/13 7:24 AM
Did an interview w Royal College of Psychiatrists… - relief knowing my answers couldn't put me back in hospital :)