Friday, August 9, 2013

moocs et al

what if the failure to disrupt has more to do with what questions we are trying/choosing to answer. (ie: is it really about who finished a course, got a certificate? or could we start paying more attention to quality of life, than trying to prove ourselves)

what if it's less about some platform/space/project/idea - and more about listening deeply to what people are doing/being/experimenting with - esp when they aren't being mandated what to do - with the hours of their day (by actual mandate - and/or by assumed protocals/normals.) isn't that where we'll find the thriving sustainability we all crave..? if we go deeper into facilitating daily whimsy - the perpetual beta-ness of the human spirit/mind/et al.

what if we are the ones (not the moocs or whatevers) that are not being successful, because we haven't yet boldly decided to redefine success. everyday...