Monday, August 13, 2012

steli efti

Entrepreneurial Happiness

Steli Efti is a serial entrepreneur who dropped out of high school to start 3 profitable companies in Europe until he sold everything he had and bought a one way ticket to San Francisco 5 years ago. He founded Supercool School, a startup that empowered thousands of schools in over 50 countries to use a free online education platform to spread learning online.

Last year he co-founded SwipeGood, a social good startup that offered people a simple way to round up all their purchases and give small change to their favorite charities.

He's currently working on a new stealth startup that has been funded by the very same investors as Twitter, Facebook & Google.

Steli's pursuit of happiness has been guided by a simple principle: Do what seems most challenging next. Move outside your comfort zone. Grow!

Supercool School (@supercoolSchool)
8/13/12 8:09 PM
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