Saturday, August 18, 2012

jose baldaia - curiosity

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
8/18/12 5:46 AM
Curiosity helps to reduce uncertainty in business

this is huge:

a European vacation in 1892, J.C. Fargo, the president of American Express, had a hard time translating his letters of credit into cash

we are today, having a hard time translating credentials (this currency we hold so dear) into something that matters.
we are going to school to get into uni to get a job to make money.
it's not working for many.. many have a degree with no job and a huge debt.
many have a degree for something the no longer (or perhaps never) love
many feel like a failure because they dont' have a piece of paper to tell them they are ok/educated
many are worried about places accepting the proof they have (diploma/degree from uni/no diploma/et al) in order for them to get in.

wonder if we worry less about translating.. credentialing into what matters.. and focus instead on what matters..

again - what we hope to create with this idea...
a world of people waking up every day to do what matters, rather than to seek more proof/credentialing

so more good from Jose..
Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
8/18/12 5:46 AM
We can fail a lot and quickly, if it is with

will reflect more later..