Saturday, August 18, 2012

yong zhao - people agenda


a people agenda.. for the people, by the people. time to wake up.

Global action to avoid social or planetary tipping points will require the active participation of the U.S., in rethinking K-12 education to make schools more equitable and just, and to reconnect children with the natural world.

Even so, the high numbers of U.S. casualties in the armed forces, many experiencing brain injuries, limb amputation, and other crippling body conditions, combined with the deaths and casualties of  military personnel in Afghanistan, makes the Task Force report on the preparation of K-12 children for armed service seem more life ending than mind bending.
not to mention the suicide rate of war vets.. what is it for every one that dies in war, 28 (can't remember the number) take their lives
 Public schools by definition belong to the people, and cannot be owned by private sector. The extremely rich cannot own the extremely poor, nor can they use the poor to increase corporate profits.