Wednesday, August 29, 2012

christian long - spaces & games

curious about ways to get into these (seems to be many of them) abandoned spaces..
cost to bring them to code is keeping them unused..

Christian Long (@ChristianLong)
8/29/12 6:14 AM
Detail from abandoned 1890's school bldg in Franklinton that will house a new charter school (which I'm on t

i'm imagining the potential if we admit what we know - that the curriculum (math science et al) that we are mandating via core is not behooving us -
so spending moneys on tricks to get better at proving we can test on it... might be better spent in a more - reality is broken - via J McGonigal - sort of way. where we make school real life, we bring the game to real life, (rather than the core to a game) ...where the funding described below - 10 bill.. instead perhaps - goes to buy/bring to code spaces in a city - as Christian describes above..
then the game, the learning, the life, is in the city.. used by/with/for the people..  seems a win win..

John Ferrara (@PlayfulDesign)
8/29/12 6:10 AM
#seriousgames now a $2-$10 billion dollar industry #ux#gamedesign