Wednesday, August 15, 2012

why so much ado about proof

can we get to a place where no matter who is in the room/space with us.. we are just us?  - jp

can we be more about being than proving?

what might that be like?

passing over the edge of
into the pool of

i'm sure i could find a good soulbiography on this.. via Nic Askew..
i think i'll go looking.. but for now:

problem with Nic - all of his videos work..

here's one i love..

perhaps true beauty is something that draws our attention at second glance,
once the judgement of a first glance has realized its mistake.
what is an image of normality?..
everybody has a fear of being disfigured..
the tribe won't take care of them anymore.
fear drives us to be a certain way in order to belong.. to hide what we believe to be imperfect 

how did we get there/here - to that sort of thinking?
doesn't it bother us that most people (my ignorant guess) don't find their voice till middle age, if then

i go out there feeling loved and feeling loving

that's pretty simple.
let's try that.. no?

no training/credentialing/
yes. i'm likening the judgment of the first glance to our human inventions of proving people worthy.

they don't want to look.. and then they see

imagine - spaces of permission, with nothing to prove.
the beauty will be breathtaking.. to be sure..

ah Nic - they are all lovely.. there's a 1 min 23 sec  short compilation part way down the page

esp 2:30 - seth on being curious
.. finding voice..
safest thing feels risky, and the riskiest.. play it safe
our addiction to proof is killing our curiosity, no?

what if we focused more on gratitude than identity?
without gratitude nothing is enough 
Gratitude in so many ways is so dramatically missing in the world today. Without gratitude nothing is enough.’ I’m not sure gratitude is something one can do but it is something one can exhibit. And it’s exhibition is perhaps more important than we might imagine. Perhaps gratitude in some way defines enough, whilst not excluding more.

3:16 - look what you have 
in all our proof - we're missing the beauty of being captured..
i know i'm not judged.. but rather embraced
rather than you and i defining where to go.. that's where we are free 
we pretend we have enough info.. the more we know - the more we know we don't know
then you fall in love with the questions.. as guides.. we are so attracted by knowledge.. we measure it/patent it, but we have lost concern for wisdom, we can't measure that
love life - amo la vida - we're missing it i think - no?

i can hear people saying... so you don't care if your dr has proof/credentials..?
i'm thinking.. sure, if i need them. but perhaps we'll need less people fixing things (or fighting wars) if we spent more time being healthy.. best medicine.. being known by someone.. perhaps..


much of the above from parts of this convo below, and created parts of my thinking in convo below (grateful to have gone there.. why i'm recording it here on this post and here on my detox, huge to me, i'm thinking it's huge, so wrestling with it big time):

 I can imagine badges as breadcrumbs along the paths we take in learning, exactly what you called for at the end of today's TTT.
 esp if they become invisible.. not our focus

  Detox e.g. A peer wants to know what I have done to become a self-directed learner? A badge can link to my process.
 sure.. now perhaps we're talking semantics/mindset. how to leave a trail/share/connect w/o focusing on proof 

then i emailed paul this:

ie.. retroffit.. seems to address perpetual beta.. which is good. so we might glom on. but I don't see an attempt at authentic data/analysis.
ie: eye contact over ongoing coffee convos.. until the data giver .. trusts enough to break down the wall of proof (ie: stuff we both know I have to tell you in order to get that badge. I'm suggesting.. we've gotten so good at that, it has a propensity toward crap, because we're not caring enough about authenticity.. the person.. as a thumbprint.. who has so much more to offer the world than our signs of proof can capture. and is it even sticking with them.)
the badges are wonderfully better than anything we've done to improve getting more badges/credentialing at a prescribed curriculum/knowledge.

fine line I know.
badges vs nodes.
I guess my curiosity is with..
when does your art.. the thing you can't not do/share... start becoming more about the badge.. than the art.

mindset for sure.