Saturday, August 18, 2012

philippe petit

Deb Mills-Scofield (@bluelobsternets)
8/18/12 11:47 AM
Persevere! Cheating the #Impossible: Wire-Walker Philippe Petit on #Education#Creativity & Patience v @brainpickings

10 min in - the wire is waiting
how can you top that? i didn't have that problem.. i wasn't looking for a record
since the impossible is always unknown it is possible to cheat it - it's improv 

Ultimately, Petit’s message is one of self-empowerment:
I make a dream come true via the dual conviction that life is not worth living if I do not dedicate it to the making of the dream and, simultaneously, that I would choose death over not working on making the dream come true!

17 min in - for one moment the crowd forgot their differences
when you see mtns - remember mtns can be moved