Monday, August 20, 2012

james bach visits the be you house

the lovely man just visited us again..

started to video - got this much

on rhizomes and the energy of prototyping (aka quitting often)
and then this much till flip died

on the start of his talk

then the flip was full - .. so took some notes
some sage advice.. [the following is me typing his words]

when i teach - i’m offering a buffet - and then you get to see if there’s something you like..
but i am still watching - to see if nothing interests you - then - i change the menu

27 yr olds - needed help - when they found out what they can do.. people supported them

james’ mission - help others discover that they are smarter than they think they are

he taught the people that worked on the curious mars rover

as the mentor that knows the person - (ie: parent) you might think of things a person should know.. and then create experiences to learn about that..
ie: how to forgive, how to negotiate, …

i love teaching because when i’m teaching i’m not taking anyone’s power.. i’m giving power..
ie: leave for whatever reason

best advice to a 15 yr old:
a great secret that no one well tell you - esp in schools
(and i’m not going to ask - what are you going to be)
whatever you’re doing right now..
nothing you do now and for the next 5 yrs at least is in any way going to hurt you for the rest of your life..
unless, lose a limb, commit a felony, get someone pregnant, get addicted to a drug..
other than that.. nothing that can happen or that you do that is any way screwing up your future.
if you feel lazy - guess what - as youngest man at apple computer - i felt that until i was hired there.
relax. you’re not wasting time.

nobody expects anybody from you.. so you can’t be a failure..
jerry weinberg - not responsible for your actions until you’re 30
20’s experiment
30’s figured out how to do it but kinks
40’s ok, now things are clicking

i can’t imagine a 15,16, or 17 yr old worrying about their future

stop the emotional torture.. you have been in hiding - like anne frank - it’s going to take a while to feel like you can come out.
don’t take anything too seriously about your progress right now.

toxic - feel like you aren’t learning anything unless you take a test about it  - at 11

so glad to be in my 40’s.. not obsessed with sex.. so at 15 - if you do any little thing, i’m impressed

you are all paved over right now.
we’re growing you through the asphalt (everett) -
we have a lot of patience around here, because we used to be you

his son doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder - support from his dad:
i will support you until my dying death - you’re living a life that is creative

you’re complaining about something that you did and you were forgiven for
just keep forgiving them, have them forgive themselves..

biographies are hugely powerful..

einsteins dog helped him calm down and be einstein