Sunday, August 19, 2012

rework to betterness

i'm hearing Jason Fried in this tweet via Umair

umair haque (@umairh)
8/19/12 7:34 AM
I don't have strong opinions on Assange. But I will say: imagine this much time and energy devoted to bringing "bankers" to justice.

but about all the defense and policy we play out daily.

imagine if we woke up everyday and asked what mattered most.. and did that.

and we were connected like crickets even - communication wise (or so i hear.. new to me), so that we really got to experience the thing we were made for.. the thing beyond any one of us.

connecting. co-creating. communicating beyond GB Shaw's poignant description of how we do it now..

instead of taking on our normal stance of defense/ego/whatever, we realize life is perpetual beta, and we start listening more deeply for the many stories that exist in people.
so instead of defending, we start playing together and off each other.

imagine us deciding what matter and then connecting like that.
betterness. (haque's book) no?
let's rework it. (fried's book)

see where the other route gets us...? no end.
perfect timing.. thanks amy.

yeah. this really fits too. 
Wall Street Journal (@WSJ)
8/19/12 6:56 AM
Rising tuitions and crushing student debt force colleges to hire advisers to land top