Wednesday, August 29, 2012


spent a day yesterday immersed in it..

we should get an a on that - and move on. no?

imagine if we decided to not play that game.

here's a step toward better:
Andrea Zellner (@AndreaZellner)
8/29/12 6:11 AM
From @bengrey: Staff Email: Feel free to use social media via @Zite#MSUepet

but i hear clay shirky's daycare center story

and i hear comments on will's aug 29 post - about the game we must play

and i see a fine line - that we need to call into question.

i think it's really the line right now..

culture of trust..
spaces of permission with nothing to prove.

we're wasting so much time on policy, distrust,

and all the while - we're trying to convince ourselves that this is how we play it safe.