Friday, August 10, 2012

public ed

Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
8/10/12 6:34 AM
New tech stuff: Homeschoolers outperform publicly schooled youth on traditional

some nice gathering here...just wish they didn't base a lot of it on test scores. yeah.. anyone can do this.. but with the tests still in the picture.. one reason we have crazed out hmscl parents.. and we're missing the brilliance of full time people

it's too much and not necessary..

Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
8/10/12 6:34 AM
New by @joe_bower: Privatizing Public

why not make public ed public ed... as in equitable..

redefine public ed:
1) being known by someone
2) talking to yourself daily - in an app like this embedded in an even cooler app like this