Tuesday, August 7, 2012

michael phelps

quote from him:
i want to be the #1 and best michael phelps

so fitting with the start up of you.
rather than waiting for incredible innovations in ed to scale (because now they aren't equitable, ie: not accessible to everyone), let's scale the individual

ellen langer - prejudice decreases as discrimination increases...
this is where we find that.. people are good..and we disseminate a true people agenda... when we facilitate the thumbprint..
no need to spend countless effort/time on defense or on seeking applause or ? when we are working on our thumbprint...

david - if i bring up sal kahn - most people assume two camps - in or out... same with all of public ed... same with life..
what if we are living in the time of and..
what if we don't have to take sides..

image that..

let's scale people.