Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Tom Dawkins (@tomjd)
8/8/12 2:07 AM
“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.” - Jeff Hammerbacher.

actually - let's fractal out.. not even click ads.. we're measuring everything..
how's that working for us?

when i listened to tolle and robinson's convo - i heard - strip things down to what matters most. and most often it's relationship. so what matters most below.. is relationship.. the evaluation (from these guys..) is more about empathy.. can i hear your heart.. than it is about measuring. but the conceptual knowledge that is clouding our vision, that we learned through public ed, et al, is to measure things, rather than to know people, and to be known by someone.

here's to redefining public ed...
1) being known by someone
2) talking to yourself everyday.. are you doing what matters.

that'll do it.

William Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain)
8/8/12 6:51 AM
@johntspencer @stumpteacher truth is the parents aren't my 'clients', the students are. Their feedback is much more valuable to me.

John T. Spencer (@johntspencer)
8/8/12 6:51 AM
@wmchamberlain @stumpteacher I'm actually okay with student feedback being used (again, ten to twenty percent)
William Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain)
8/8/12 6:54 AM
@johntspencer @stumpteacher Maybe we should create a common survey to send home to parents asking what they want for their students.
Josh Stumpenhorst (@stumpteacher)
8/8/12 6:56 AM
@wmchamberlain That is a whole other can of worms there.@johntspencer

John T. Spencer (@johntspencer)
8/8/12 6:58 AM
@stumpteacher @wmchamberlain I've always done student surveys. I think this year I might do parent surveys.
John T. Spencer (@johntspencer)
8/8/12 7:02 AM
@wmchamberlain @stumpteacher I think it helps promote buy-in, too.

William Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain)
8/8/12 7:04 AM
If you look to twitter or the teacher's lounge for affirmation of your teaching, you are looking in the wrong place. Talk to your students.
John T. Spencer (@johntspencer)
8/8/12 7:05 AM
@wmchamberlain On Twitter, you'll get criticism for having the wrong ideas. Students will criticize you for the wrong practices.

back to doing..

so.. what matters most.. when we strip things down?
stop measuring learning, and let community be our curriculum, best prep for uncertainty, best experience and awakening with empathy.

David Warlick (@dwarlick)
8/8/12 6:57 AM
“We Want to be Together”

Shannon Smith (@shannoninottawa)
8/8/12 7:01 AM
The Olympics' Greatest Feat: An Unpaid, Highly Engaged
Alfie Kohn (@alfiekohn)
8/3/12 6:49 AM
Merit pay reliably fails ( On latest attempt to salvage it by using stick rather than