Friday, August 3, 2012

human and alive

that's all we have.
we're human.
that's it.
so let's be alive. no?

we fail.
if we're clever, we try again. in grace.
that's the aliveness.

oh.. to the energies we spend daily on drama.
are we so afraid to face ourselves that we turn on the tv-like-drama in our heads/hearts/souls. what are we afraid of.

we point fingers. we play defense. we judge. all too well. all too often. in fact, if that's what we like, we should give ourselves an a+. but then perhaps move on.. no? i think we've perfected it quite enough.

i'm thinking:
Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ)
8/3/12 6:56 AM
"Being an object of compassion is not the same thing as being the subject of a story." On reporting from
jonah lehrer
chic fil a
just to name a few recents.

i love Cathy's post

Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson)
8/3/12 6:38 AM
Standardizing Human

she is so spot on.. we certainly need to question more. and i think the best place to do that.. at least.. maybe.. first .. is in our own heads..

the only thing we can change is us.
we can't teach kindness.. we can't point our fingers enough to get rid of deceit et al..
we have to do/be all these things if we want change to happen for good.

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
8/3/12 6:52 AM
"I'm not funny. What I am is brave."– Lucille Ball

what are we afraid of?
let's not be afraid.. we hide ourselves in good and bad.. let's boldly wake up, and be ourselves.. more.

so the question is...
what does it mean to be

imagine if people asked that everyday.
imagine if people asked themselves everyday - if they were being legit. if their heart felt good when they went to bed at night, when they got up in the morning.

imagine if that become public ed.

we can do this...
we have the means.
we just have to decide.
the decision is up to us.. as individuals.. everyday. talking to ourselves.
then coming to the table with purpose.. believing that what you are doing matters.

but also - realizing how ridiculous a people we are - to keep on believing our days are well spent, when most of what we do is critique and judge and point fingers. (there's fixing a major part of our health problem right there)

James Altucher (@jaltucher)
8/3/12 6:58 AM
What Lies Am I missing? Please put them in the…

defense is not boding us well.
we are human. let's acknowledge that no one is perfect. let's look for good... spend time on good. trust more.
let's listen to K Schulz and R Wurman more - and be free to say -

let's listen to B Brown and M Bateson more - and start swimming vulnerability.
so we can all spend our days more alive.. than watching... and pointing... and protesting...