Friday, August 10, 2012

dream app

via Amber Rae on fb

Alexander Osterwalder - bif 8

read through their download plans et al. so - so resonating with app idea - already to go.
am totally geeking out. many of their advisors are part of our research over the years.. [jane mcgonigal, simon sinek, belsky, whitney johnson, dale stephens..] their founder, Francis - is also part of a start up disrupt ed.. i don't see much going on there.. but that tells me where his heart is.
imagine we convince them.. dreaming isn't just for after hours or after you graduate.. then they won't have to write mounds on how to get money for this.. how to sustain it... how to get people...

i'm thinking this is a matchup that could turn all the vision we are seeking in ed, on a dime. the shift in culture. to where we find we already have all we need.

again - our vision of an app - to ground the chaos as we redefine ed.
i see tweaking the everest app, or perhaps some small offshoot to just prototype, that is more about the networked individualism piece.. the mesh the app creates, so that the dreaming, connecting and doing become more self-directed, and actually, more invisible, the more you talk into the app.