Sunday, August 12, 2012

a new currency

Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
8/12/12 6:45 AM
Indeed RT @rossdawson: Interesting idea: A new #currency: The missing factor in Google’s

- Jeff Goldstein (@doctorjeff)
8/12/12 6:40 AM
Imagine a world where formal education dictates to our children what to be curious about. #edchat#teacher #parent

at least the word would be visible.. no?

Scott McLeod (@mcleod)
8/12/12 7:00 AM
Number of Homeschoolers Growing Nationwide aka "When schools fail to adapt...?" or "When we demonize educators...?"

imagine we believe we can think for ourselves - make choices that matter.
imagine public ed becomes a facilitation of curiosities, of dreams

imagine a new currency - that of connections.. and connections that matter.

we have all we need, no?

we just need to realize it, boldly reclaim ourselves..

Indy Johar (@indy_johar)
8/12/12 6:36 AM
@alexjphillips: Thousands Become ‘Citizens’ of Ideal Nation - - by Alexander Phillips #UT” -- great idea!

a new zipcode even (via heather)

johnmaeda (@johnmaeda)
8/12/12 4:31 AM
OH "Most great opportunities really aren't complex — but they aren't obvious to everyone."