Wednesday, August 1, 2012

daphne koller

7 min in -
this is amazing. love the motivation.
imagine though.. if we didn't have this certification aspect, this aspect of you have to learn this, and get this verification
9 min in - weren't paying attention.. so imagine if they are just learning, asking about something they want to hear, know... it's not prescribed for them

what is certification.. what are we saying we must learn/do/be in order to be of value?

11:57 - incentivize them correctly so they don't give themselves perfect scores?

again - this is great.
is it the best we can do?

the beginning - people putting themselves in danger for an education.. maybe we redefine that...

14:25 - understanding student learning.
wondering how that changes when it's per choice.. per whimsy
can we get to a place that's it's not about certification, or getting the right answer, and more about learning to learn,

16:49 - i guess i'm asking if we can really measure what matters..
17:27 - i think we can afford to provide everyone a tutor..
1- be known by someone  2 - talk to yourself daily

18:50 - love it... but maybe city as university
19:48 - get the skills they need - that's what we need to call into question, no?

hmm. personalization?

wondering what erica mcwilliams and chris argyris and descartes, et al would think of this..

again - love her spirit and motivation.
still just questioning the premise that certification is what will bring us success..