Thursday, August 9, 2012

connie yowell

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macarthur - chicago
MacArthur Foundation:
give out 280 mill/year

national and global

1980 on - focus on public ed
up until 2005 - it was school reform..
since then - how to reimagine learning

shift - was away from focus on core outcomes
rather establishing core questions
change from talking about ed to talking about learning - which realizes that learning happens everywhere
really wanted to understand learning from users perspective rather than institutional outcomes

macarthur is now 100 mill into research

learning most robust when we focus on 3 areas:
peer, interest, academic/civic/career success

Full infographic here:
goals of ed: lifelong learning, democracy, economic self-sufficiency

still 200 yrs later.. same goals.. may look dramatically different however..
and to do that with a value set of equity at the forefront

speakers of 21 last sessions - that address these

joining Connie are Doug Belshaw, Marsha Semmel, and 'Brother Mike' Hawkins.

onbarilone: The HIVE Fashion Project:
ChrisLarry: More Hive Fashion:
ChrisLarry: DreamYard is a YouMedia in NYC

hive - can we through grants, bring the institutions on the ground with online so that they become part of a networked fashion
institutions - are part of an innovation community

Schools are a “node in [students’] broader network of learning” -Connie

Question from Brad: “Checking my understanding. I'm hearing a lot about the macro-features of connected learning and am trying to ground it in the micro.  Is it possible for connected learning to take place without fundamental transformations in power relations between youth and adults? It seems that a fundamental contradiction in Learning 1.0 is that youth are seldom acknowledged interactively as knowledge-holders. I'm trying to weave the macro and micro aspects of the connected learning concept to imagine how it can transform Learning 2.x “

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