Monday, August 13, 2012

scale the individual

Cathy Anderson (@CathyLAnderson)
8/13/12 5:37 AM
25 Trends Disrupting Education Right Now | TeachThought

imagine.. instead of waiting for any of these incredible ideas to scale... we scale the individual.
imagine not only ridding ourselves of the compulsion piece.. but letting the web (ie:networked individualism via b well man) to help us connect to people and ideas.. for gatherings that matter.
chang up ed.. who's together in a space, per choice

beapp - - networked individualism

Seb Paquet (@sebpaquet)
8/12/12 11:14 PM
"@afoolswisdom: Geniuses have an entire culture within their heads."

scale the individual.. venessa miemis - the platform of the future is in our heads

imagine this - just happening via something like jerry's brain.. via some app..

Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
8/12/12 11:33 PM
*New!* Stuff I continually

@peter_harold RT @HourSchool: Why do people stop learning? Because a degree means you're done. Hmmm. Time to rethink that one. inspired via @monk51295