Friday, June 15, 2012

military suicide's_driving_the_military_suicide_epidemic/

amazing personal stories in this video

More U.S. soldiers have died this year by taking their own lives than on the battlefield. The Pentagon says there have been at least 154 suicides among active-duty troops in 2012, a rate of nearly one each day

had heard before - for every person who dies in combat, 28 vets commit suicide

at about 8 min
we've been at war for 10 yrs. 2.5 mill americans, 1 mill still in, 18 vets commit suicide every daynow we ask people to go again and again

kevin hines as spokesperson
we've spent over 720 billion on the iraq war - spend a fraction of that on mental health in the military 

interesting.. at very end.. asking kevin hines what he would suggest as next step.. he gets the jist in .. but gets cut off...