Friday, June 15, 2012

learning to be

more from john lehrer's imagine..

a girl from nocca is talking to john. his question:

he first asked if she planned on becoming a pro dancer. she responded - probably not - i love to dance - it makes me so happy - but dancers make no money. i want to make money.
then he asked is she thinks her dance training will still be useful, he asks, wouldn't it be better to go to a regular school?

her answer:

oh, no way.. i'm not just learning how to dance here it might look like that when you look at our classes because e're always dancing. but that's not it. what i'm really learning is how to say something.

how about we curate/cocreate a new culture - one that isn't about money/consumerism - or at least not as - this is what success is - what is expected..?
and.. how about we facilitate curiosity and love (as in - i love to dance - it makes me happy) - believing that there is never nothing going on.