Saturday, March 9, 2013

who owns it - audrey


And companies that have long gathered data about all our transactions and demographics are starting to sift through all that data — in order to improve the product, in order to improve the marketing, in order to beat their competition. There’s a sense — and the metaphor here is pretty horrible if you stop to think about it — that data is the new “oil” and our lives are set to be mined with the value extracted from them. How can we make sure that value stays with us?
perhaps it comes from - not being about the data..
perhaps ownership becomes a none-issue. perhaps tech is taking on data, because data is not worth owning. perhaps the way to make sure that value stays with us - is to grok it, to become it. perhaps not owning the data, not caring/obsessing about owning the data, frees us up to community, to becoming us, to becoming.

perhaps nothing is owned..
but there is something that stays.. perhaps it is love, from community, from connecting to people (and sharing stories in our heads/hearts - cognitive surplus), saudade-ness.

of course.. i'm talking out of this realm:

But if students do not own and do not control their data, then I fear (again) that data and analytics will be something we do to students, rather than do for them or do with them. Or — and here’s a radical notion — that we enable students to do for themselves.
or this:
Data would need to be portable; it would need to be interoperable. It would need to be human-and machine-readable — in other words, my transcript shouldn’t just be available on a watermarked piece of paper, my assignments not just stored in a PDF. It would mean that education data could no longer be stuck in silos — on or offline. The storage unit — let’s call it a personal data locker, with a nod to the Locker Project — would need to be sustainable – temporally, technologically, financially. It would need to follow a student throughout her or his school career, and ideally include informal as well as formal learning data. The locker would need to be extensible — that is, apps and visualization tools would be able to be built on top of it.
i don't see assignments. i don't see prep or training as we know it. i see life as prep/training, ongoingly. a person's head is the platform. everything accessible. no need for storing on pdf's et al (at least not in a protective sort of way). i'm thinking proof no longer matters, or perhaps it becomes more authentic, by your person, not be things that can be owned or not. bunker roy - ness.
nd the contents of the data locker would be owned and controlled by students. What gets shared. What gets stored. What gets deleted. And yes, perhaps this would mean that the threat that “this will go down on your permanent record” becomes an emptier one.
Too far fetched? Maybe.
But what if education data could not be aggregated or analyzed or tracked or sold without a student’s permission, without their informed consent, without a push notification on their smartphones, perhaps, that someone has accessed their info.  
i guess i have a hard time getting this.. because i don't see how anything is owned by anyone ever. how can you ever create something and say it is just yours.. the people you might attribute, need to attribute...there is no end. it is never just me.