Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tweets mar 20 - emerging us

Doug Holton (@edtechdev)
3/20/13 6:09 AM
Chrome experiment: The Peanut Gallery - speak while watching a video and it inserts silent film… #html5

The importance of design can not be understated, especially when contemplating the current iterations of public education (re)form that situates people as problems to be fixed. For the last year I have been involved in designing↔implementing (think m√∂bius strip) early literacy education across more than a dozen schools in a city. It has been and continues to be a time for enormous learning. Several understandings are emerging, not with great clarity, but with an odd sense of urgency.  There is something I am learning abut schooling, reform and learning that needs to be voiced even though I am unsure of its dimension and implications.

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
3/20/13 6:45 AM
What happens in an Internet Whoa.

Tony Baldasaro (@baldy7)
3/20/13 6:48 AM
"The truth is most people are a blend of the introvert and extrovert. We call this the ambivert" #introvert

the truth is - most people are a blend.. changing every second.. can't capture that..

Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ)
3/20/13 6:51 AM
Online DoS tool allows a wide range of network/application attacks, for a modest fee. Deeply

Deb Mills-Scofield (@dscofield)
3/20/13 5:45 AM
I think this is 1 of the coolest sites ~ #gratitude as a habit #thankfulness @the_herald@BrownUniversity

Shelly S Terrell (@ShellTerrell)
3/20/13 6:05 AM
Free Common Core App Organizes Standards By Grade Level #elearning

Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby)
3/19/13 6:40 AM
The Importance Of The Evolution Of #Edchat
In order to be abreast the latest information and practices pertaining to any field, students would require both a strong academic base and constant enhancement of the acquired knowledge. The former is perhaps most effectively provided by the conventional means of education that is imparted through regular studies from full time courses. The latter, however, cannot be provided for in same way as the former as career requirements would make it very difficult to engage in full time learning. This is where e-learning and m-learning come in.

holy cow

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
3/19/13 6:41 AM
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

and.. the unfolding of the little experiment via aaron et al