Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Inês Silva (@isss111)
3/12/13 7:56 AM
How Busy People Find Time to Think Deeply |

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
3/13/13 7:35 AM
More Reading. More Writing. More Engaged Citizens of the
I expected my students to read and they did. I expected them to improve as readers and writers, and they did. I had the test scores to prove it. Again, these were classes that were grouped heterogeneously and included students from all kinds of economic backgrounds. High expectations yielded higher results.
test scores to prove it..?
sounding like a selling out..
why compromise why a kid reads... phrase grates as demeaning in my head..?

cy, but poverty. As Mr. Pondiscio points out in his op-ed, students who come from poverty typically don’t have access to books, museums, and parents who stay home with them. So if, as Krashen says in his research, “f more access leads to more reading, and if more reading leads to better reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and a larger vocabulary (Krashen 2004),” then we need to flood students with books and reading material at school. And that’s exactly what a balanced literacy approach does.

imagine we redefine nclb... without the phrase... and they did well/bad on tests

stop buying programs. Stop buying novel comprehension kits, scripted texts, and items like Accelerated Reader. They do not work. They aren’t real. Instead, they create a false sense of security because students can game the system and “pass” an assessment. An assessment that looks nothing like the real world
oh my... we are perpetuating this as much as anyone.. no?
we know too much.. to keep on punctuating our sentences with... and they did good/bad on the test..


. Pondiscio talks about E.D. Hirch’s early-childhood curriculum, one of the many recommended by the Dept of Ed, and says, “Its central premise is that an essential goal of reading instruction must be to ensure that all students — and disadvantaged kids most specifically — are explicitly taught the knowledge and vocabulary that speakers and writers assume they know
I was hoping the author would call this out.. but instead.. the next sentence:
oh my.
that list.. of assume they know... is too big to know.
that's exactly what got us where we are... perhaps.. no?

not only is it too big to know..
it stifles .. falling in love with the questions..
it stifles curiosity..
because it asks, demands, bullies... that you put those questions, that creativity, on the back burner.. till you are deemed worthy of it..

so.. we have... death via a compulsorized simmer

And that’s what I see when teachers use a balanced literacy approach. It’s a balance between choice and shared reading using authentic texts, not some piece created for a textbook company to use. As Mr. Pondicio says, “…stops treating reading comprehension as a skill to be taught and sees it as a reflection of everything a child learns about the world.” Exactly, sir. More authentic reading. More authentic writing. And the result? Smarter, more engaged citizens of the world.
could be.. and I certainly hope so. for the sake of humanity.

but.. could also be one of our heaviest/hairiest/quietest/assumed raised eyebrows..

Jared Nichol  (@mrnichol)
3/13/13 7:35 AM
RT @designmilk: Make your own stool with any object & this device by
I thought it said... make your own school..

so.. what if...

umair haque (@umairh)
3/13/13 7:37 AM
Billionaires are not assets to advanced societies. They are liabilities. They don't represent the success of markets, but their failures.

Jana Scott Lindsay (@janaslindsay)
3/13/13 7:38 AM
Another Way to View the World Around Us… #edchat #cpchat # elemchat #etmooc #educoach
"The resistance to epistemological disruptions within academia is so great that it can stymie that which it seeks to create - new knowledge" (Deloria, 1999, p. 36).   
Will my concerns come to fruition as I move forward in my research?  I am unsure, but it is heartening to think that others have and will continue to forge ahead to create new opportunities to investigate and learn and also entail a little exploration of uncharted territory.