Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Insight Labs (@insightlabs)
3/7/13 6:46 AM
Functioning families provide a developmental "cogwheel" for their members. Could we design orgs to do the same?

Though it can also be distorted through tremendous trauma of some kind, like a war or natural disaster. The Holocaust interrupted the “cogwheel” of several generations of Jews, for example. The same could be said of families in Rwanda or Northern Ireland or Gaza. Wherever there is chronic war or destruction of a generation, it corrupts the developmental cycle of the family. Families either survive or break up, finding alternative objects of attachment.
But I don’t think this is some sort of elitist sort of thing. I think most families do fairly well at this.

(This isn’t my idea, by the way – it comes from Erik Erikson, a psychologist and developmental thinker who had a great influence on me. He had some great concepts, and this is one of them.) 
or school.. no?
perhaps redefine school.. orgs follow..

@insightlabs are certainly interested in the problem: ...  via @benedictnelson - et al

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