Saturday, March 9, 2013

tweets mar 9 - more (less) owning, immunity (trust)

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
3/8/13 8:19 AM
Who has the power to allow the absorption of knowledge?
When the dynamics of a company is based on the routine, it becomes difficult to absorb new knowledge and new technologies, which are always together
across companies, within school and/or communities, within a person
Ellen Langer... mindlessness ensues...

Listen and observe with strong patience – this means that we need a careful observation of the host culture and its practices as well as everything that supports them.
quiet enough to hear it..
last four yrs...
allows to assume good.. take what works... scale across... use AND... and move on.. alongside

Kenneth Bernstein (@teacherken)
3/9/13 7:38 AM
I think I will listen again, this time simply surrendering to the music
he was literally listening to music...which is breathtaking to observe..

imagine if we did this with our days... with people. 


sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
3/9/13 7:39 AM
@Richard_Florida Have you seen this great post by @urbanophile- "Do CIties Really Want#EconDev?"
Jane Jacobs once said that “Economic development, no matter when or where it occurs, is profoundly subversive of the status quo.” This, in a nutshell, is why policies and programs that might actually move the needle and generate economic development are not implemented. The politicians, power brokers, businessmen, non-profit executives, etc. all at some level benefit from the status quo. Anything that disrupts the status quo is a threat to them.

again - being quiet enough to hear

Ewan McIntosh (@ewanmcintosh)
3/9/13 7:52 AM
Best. Skype. Call. Ever. Managed to get hold of Morgane for 45 mins. Can't wait to get home!!!



Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
3/9/13 7:58 AM
Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier via @johnkampfner @guardian > Reading it: fantastic MUST READ book

is it perhaps about  - deliberately not owning.. 


Heidi Siwak (@HeidiSiwak)
3/8/13 8:18 AM
1 of my students happily exclaims, " found out I was wrong!"…@nogahK @RogerLMartin @jennzia #ithink #edchat #hwdsb
This is what he said, "Last week after the discussion I thought over the weekend about what was said and I wanted to find out if I was wrong. " He then exclaimed with pure delight, "I was!" 

went to their site - they are prepping for tcap week.

Big Picture Learning (@bigpiclearning)
3/8/13 8:19 AM
Press Release: San Diego Met High School to host the first regional BREAKING RANKS School Showcase produced by...
Deeper Learning joins five key elements that work in concert: mastering core academic content, critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, working in collaboration, and learning how to monitor and direct one’s own learning

first of all... love.

but.. who decides core academic content..?

pretty sure that's how we've gotten here: common core - no?

Together mastery of these outcomes prepares students for civic engagement and to compete in the global marketplace.  Deeper Learning is an educational practice that our schools have masterfully demonstrated in its core learning goals for over eighteen year
what if... the #1... master core content... is keeping your incredible model from equity today...

wondering if we are instead modeling.. partial deeper learning...?
perhaps.. we unleash that first part.
perhaps we just try in one little city..
just to see...

The San Diego Met is defined by a commitment of teaching one student at a time based on students’ unique interests, needs, and abilities, with parental support as a key element.
spot on..
let's go global equity to this opportunity...

Toby Fischer (@tobyfischer)
3/8/13 8:12 AM
"Innovative teachers need an industry professional to be an advocate for them.

everyone does, no?
immunity in the sandbox

Toby Fischer (@tobyfischer)
3/8/13 8:09 AM
If your not competitive, invent and hand it over to someone who is to take it to market.

or perhaps.. that's how we keep getting in pickles.. doing/being the things we were trying to get away from?

Gloria (@GrandmaOnDeck)
3/9/13 8:04 AM
The #ideachat is great. It is a way to build respect & trust as we use the new technology that is here and now. #ideachat