Thursday, March 14, 2013

ethan zuckerman - dml2013

yay connie

the notion that civics is somehow in crisis.

at the point where - as soon as 100 000 of you - we will respond
which is better than we won't listen/respond
but not what we need

how to read a particular protest or tactic

thick and thin
symbolic impactful - there are ways to take action where it's primarily about voice

talking -

we need voting to be thin - because we want lots to be able to do it
requires little participation from us - but enormous impact

lot of impact through very thin act

when people talk about occupy and critique it - usually - thick, but largely symbolic
impact was more calling attention - than to change

dan gillmor - mediactive
we need to learn how to read in that space

how to bring this step to scale

seems to happen in a community - like sandy
how to make it happen in something as thin as the redcross

interesting - searching for sandy logo and redcross logo

you have to do an app to use redcross logo

ethan - we are really early in this work
we're trying to really understand extreme activists
and trying to evaluate things like sopa and wikipedia

what do online convos look like, what do successes look like

want to be able to say - this is what we want to say about civics, how we want to teach civics

being an activist who is being dragged into the scholar world -
i think we need to get rid of this divide between politics and activists - and focus on agency