Saturday, March 9, 2013

a raised eyebrow

Joi Ito (@Joi)
3/9/13 8:08 AM
What Teens Get About the Internet That Parents Don't - by my sis @mizuko - The…

i guess i was just noticing, what i notice in connected learning sessions. here is this multi- mill dollar project - to study informal learning - how kids learn outside the classroom.. and it seems most often - the gatherings are still focussed on an inside the classroom/school/policy model. conversations are way more bold and enlightening than i've seen anywhere.. .. but not totally surrendered to un-schooling - to trusting the learner and/or the learning. 
and - here is mimi - (who i love dearly and believe she has done a great deal to open ed up - perhaps more than anyone i know - sister to the guy - i perceive - as a huge model for getting on with life without a degree/formalized credentialing) - being very transparent about her relationship with her daughter. yet - there's this phrase ... when she graduates from college, i want her to be able to..
this seems to me a raised eyebrow. and that's often all kids/people end up seeing/hearing/believing. the tiniest of things, making the loudest of noise. 
no matter how nice we are. no matter how much space we give.

or so it seems - to me. 
in my vast/random experience.