Thursday, February 7, 2013

tweets feb 7 - future is in each head, let's perpetuate that

Ana Silva (@AnaDataGirl)
2/7/13 4:36 AM
Abhijit Bhaduri, Wipro: "we need to find entrepreneurs among employees, fund them & be prepared to fail"#lift13 #intrapreneurship

Alec Couros (@courosa)
2/6/13 10:25 PM
Wonderful example of an #etmooc learner's perspective in Twitter Thanks for sharing this@xb7r #etm

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
2/7/13 6:38 AM
Antifragility helps us thrive in face of disorder-Mechanisms of antifragility enable better decisions w/out predictions…


Brian E. Bennett (@bennettscience)
2/7/13 6:36 AM
@gregkulowiec I like it. I think Android lines up with my philosophy on tech more than iOS does.#gettingdeep
future platform in our heads.. us.. 

Cory Doctorow (@doctorow)
2/7/13 6:36 AM
Me: I'm checking in today. Do you have a pool? Hotel: what's your last name? Me: you need that to tell me if you've got a pool? H: yes.

Grant Wiggins (@grantwiggins)
2/7/13 6:39 AM
What's the relation of HS commitment to sports and students achievement? Surprise!…

oh my.
must say - i've been in those communities.. the connection to achievement is from (good/bad) intentions toward the mythical success. it seems - parents are either in a competition to top # of ap classes - out of insecurity i'm guessing, or they are truly worried and hear what others are doing... they reaffirm the myth that college is the golden ticket.
so yeah - they gather.. but they perpetuate this dependency on credentialing..

let's ask their kids.. one-on-one - if they think that matters.

then too - the kids - chsaa doesn't ask - it just makes grades the law.
again - not out of malice - they think it's best.

but that doesn't it best - for people.