Monday, February 18, 2013

bill of rights!/collection/3cde4fde-b0d1-4292-8ac7-161f1e4cc9ae/play/a26f148f-d659-4c2c-b7f8-1d2ca33e28f3

what if it just read:
the right to think for yourself.

if everyone truly believed that.. wouldn't that take care of everything else?
1. everyone known by someone
2. everyone talks to themself daily

seems all the rest is built on an assumption of mistrust.. on an paradigm of school (huge applause - because it's the farthest from school - but still seems based on a mindset school taught us - i guess i'm wondering if we can question even that. leave it there - in its simplest form.)

i don't know.
just my ramblings..