Friday, February 1, 2013

tweets feb 1 - space to breathe - tech to hasten waiting period

Rafael Scapin, Ph.D. (@rscapin)
1/31/13 7:22 AM
7 Things Next Gen Schools Will Do Well

Next gen schools create relevance, value application, encourage integration, and pursh critical thinking. They prepare global citizens.

my curiosity goes wild when I hear..
create relevance..
if we think relevance needs to be created .. why push it?

discussed in Data Backpacks, next gen schools will fill super gradebook with experience-embedded assessment and teacher observations. The data will help build a motivational profile of the kind of experiences that produce persistence and performance.  Student records will include a portfolio of personal best


7. Build Community. Next gen schools will build community, involve parents, and make connections with youth and family services.  They will value work and community based learning, outreach and service. They will find a balance innovation and execution.

José Luis Galache (@JLGalache)
1/30/13 4:39 PM
Kids drop out of school mainly because they're not being taught what they want to learn#IsSchoolEnough

maybe they aren't even seeking.. teaching... just yet

balance..? curiosity app

Rey Junco (@reyjunco)
1/30/13 4:25 PM
"While academic skills are important, they aren't everything" - The focus needs to be more on process, not content#IsSchoolEnough
what academic skills are important enough to call out by name..?
turn into a standard... 
mandate.... ?

Sinan Si Alhir (@SAlhir)
2/1/13 6:21 AM
"@GaryLoper: Most people achieved their greatest success one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure ~ Brian Tracy"

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
2/1/13 6:22 AM
"They shoot business model innovators, don’t they?"
RT @skap5 10 Reasons Companies Fail at Business Model
“I’m from IT and I am here to help you … ” Many companies fail because IT resources are disproportionately allocated to support legacy systems. Deploying new capabilities takes a back seat. The prevalence of enterprise systems is a barrier to business model innovation.
Enterprise systems increase the efficiency of the current business model but can be a straightjacket-constraining business model innovation.
don't understand this one. I need to dive deeper

Cannibalisation is off the tableIt’s hard enough being at war with competition, so why compete internally? When executives look at new business models they see them through the lens of the current business model and view them as competition. Organisations fail at business model innovation because they blindly take cannibalisation off the table, even if a new business model may have significant upside potential.

Line executives hold your pay cardWho wants to volunteer to work on an exciting project to explore new business models? It’s a temporary assignment and then you will return to your functional home within the organisation. And, by the way, your performance and salary review will still be conducted by your current boss. Don’t worry, because your regular job will still be waiting when you return. How excited is anyone likely to be to work on a new disruptive business model if their career is in the hands of a boss who is vested in the current one?

exact sentiment.. for our current practices of google 20%.. pbl.. et al

Financial metrics to assess alternative projects reflect the cost structure and required returns to sustain and grow today’s model. New business models are likely to have very different economics and must be assessed in that context. Most new business models will be dismissed out of hand if judged by the economics and constrained by the ROI requirements of the current model.
Organisations fail at business model innovation because they apply the wrong financial lens in assessing the attractiveness and feasibility of new business models.
They shoot business model innovators, don’t they?Organisations fail at business model innovation because they shoot their renegades. If they don’t shoot them they wear them down until they leave. Business model innovators go against the corporate grain. They see entirely new ways to create, deliver and capture value. Organisations must learn to celebrate and support people within the organization who are willing to challenge the status quo, to bring totally different perspectives on delivering value to the table and are willing to take experimental risks to explore new models.
make sure we aren't doing that within non-status quo spaces..
time to stop admiring the problems and to start exploring business model innovation as the new 

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
2/1/13 6:25 AM
RT @DondeenaB
Great reason to focus on being in the moment RT@NBCNewsHealth: Your wandering mind is aging
Why? Turns out a wandering mind isn't as innocent as it seems: Unhappiness appears to be a big driver of mind wandering, the authors find. It's easier to think about something else than focus on what's upsetting you.
The key, then, is coaxing your wayward mind into the present. Here's how, plus more ways to make sure your telomeres remain lean, mean, age-fighting machines:
Just breathe. Being attuned with your own breathing isn't automatic, but with practice, it can calm down a busy mind. A study in the June issue of the journal Emotion found that just eight minutes of mindful breathing drastically reduces mind wandering.
breathe yes.. but also.. tech shorten time.. to what matters.. to finding people.
then we re not in spaces.. not per choice

Find a friend. Your buddies don't just make you feel younger. Telomeres are protected by positive experiences like social connection, according to a study in this month's Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Make sure you've got the 8 Friends Every Woman Needs.
connection via interest..
right now we have connection via friend only.. or cohesion

Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields)
2/1/13 6:26 AM
Fun interview on entrepreneurship, scaling, life and values -…

Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu)
2/1/13 6:26 AM
Today I was asked "are you here to learn, or get good grades?" fr #StuVoice@erika_auger #edchat

Harold Jarche (@hjarche)
2/1/13 6:44 AM
How do you explain networked learning to people who have never experienced it?… still askin'

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
2/1/13 6:45 AM
“We focus too much on schooling, and not enough on learning,” Yep.#edchat #edreform

Sam Chaltain (@samchaltain)
2/1/13 6:48 AM
Has Testing Reached A Tipping Point?…

Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
2/1/13 6:49 AM
Susan Sontag’s Radical Vision for Remixing