Saturday, February 16, 2013

tweets feb 16 - connected adjacency

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
2/16/13 1:39 AM
The Bridge

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
2/16/13 4:54 AM
@HelenWalters Congrats on your new gig with TED. Now that's an idea worth spreading!

great example of working your way in spaces -

Stephen Dill (@srdill)
2/16/13 7:52 AM
RT @DanielPink Does the “school cliff” matter more than the fiscal cliff?…

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
2/16/13 7:53 AM
Digital Literacy Education for Teachers? via

oh my..
we need to get serious about play. about curiosity..
not risk aversion.
we are masters at risk aversion..
how could we be more secure..? (besides setting people free to learn how to learn.. to regain their curiosity/hunger

let's not fool ourselves anymore..
the riskiest thing issuing it safe.
ESP when we spend all our resources on it... ESP our greatest resource.. people.

we can't wait