Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
2/6/13 4:24 AM
Global View: The Wealth of Nations$majorM… via @HansRosling cc @Calestous @ReachScale@LivingBridgesP

Jason Silva (@JasonSilva)
2/6/13 6:06 AM
Turns out I'm headed to Abu Dhabi end of next week to give a massive keynote on accelerating innovation. Thrilled!

melanie mcbride (@melaniemcbride)
2/6/13 6:24 AM
RT @Keith_Laws: What does "Genetically, the tests showed, girls are extremely capable mathematicians" mean?

Once she graduates beyond the simple patterning of blocks, buy her kits (like Lego) that involve building according to instructions

oh my.

Encourage her to learn things by heart

oh my again.

john winsor (@jtwinsor)
2/6/13 6:26 AM
The rise of artificial creativity: A Machine Reviews a Film Made by a

TwitClass (@TwitClass)
2/6/13 6:34 AM
How A Homeschooling Education App Developer Made It #elearning

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
2/6/13 6:37 AM
Thx Carol @Shikscarol Samthn needz to be done,n fast: Advocacy Resolutions for 2013 "603M #womenaround world live
fastest way?  ... scale individual 

Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
2/6/13 6:39 AM
RT ‏@DeanBaker13
St. Louis Fed paper shows patents slow growth and innovation. Huffington Post notices, anyone else?… …
everything paper/documentation/credentialing.. perhaps keeping us from what matters most

Emory Maiden (@evmaiden)
2/6/13 6:41 AM
NMC Horizon Report 2013 by @bethanyvsmith on…

johnmaeda (@johnmaeda)
2/6/13 6:41 AM
"A good game is when the winner isn't guaranteed. Where rules are tweaked to keep offense and defense in balance." —@RogerLMartin

melanie mcbride (@melaniemcbride)
2/6/13 6:47 AM
RT @sophiacol: Science tips for boys, from

Tim Kubik (@Kubikhan)
2/6/13 6:53 AM
Boycott the Test: Why It’s Time for Teachers to Take Back Education - PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies, Inc.…