Tuesday, February 12, 2013

tweets feb 12 - free school under bridge - 7 bill start ups

Documentally (@Documentally)
2/11/13 4:27 PM
A free school under a bridge in India.. photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/11/…#Photography

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
2/12/13 6:06 AM
Gr8 group of UN Global #Entrepreneurs in @FastCompany Next yr love 2see hybrid/for-profit #SocEnt scaling globally: fastcompany.com/3005683/united…
Already," says Elizabeth McKee Gore, the UN Foundation's first resident entrepreneur and manager of the council, "they've left a legacy for how we go about dissecting a problem, bring resources to it, and bring it to
The challenge for the group will be to move beyond pure marketing and spread the entrepreneurial spirit to the people that the UN is actually trying to help. Entrepreneurship is increasingly viewed as a catalyst for economic growth in poverty-stricken countries. Israel, which teems with startup talent, sponsored a UN resolution calling for the organization to encourage entrepreneurship in the developing world; it passed in December.
The council's new members aren't waiting for March. Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO of game-changing eyewear maker Warby Parker, has helped forge a relationship between the UN andCommunity Enterprise Solutions, a not-for-profit that trains women in low-income areas to start their own businesses. Now he's interested in using the UN's clout to push policies that are friendlier to entrepreneurs. "There are bureaucracies in business, government, and at the UN," Blumenthal says. "But entrepreneurs don't see that obstacle as insurmountable. It's something we have to work through to create change." And to pass on to others what they know. 
Shannon Miller (@shannonmmiller)
2/12/13 6:06 AM
"Let's Move" Comics....A Collaborative Project With PE To Celebrate #DLDay ow.ly/hDLUn #vanmeter#tlchat #iowatl

and our brilliant experts.... are doing this (which is great.. but imagine if they weren't tied to compulsory curricular directives - or even - if they weren't driven by some credential - some getting-in-ness).. delivering and receiving.. and too often - once graded - then trashing.
7bill experts.. waiting to be unleashed 

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
2/11/13 6:18 AM
New Post: Video Games and Social Emotional Learningwp.me/pKlio-18K #gbl

instaGrok (@InstaGrok)
2/11/13 4:25 PM
Research the highly debated issue of #school choice here: instagrok.com/grok/?query=sc…#edreform #edchat

Melissa Scott (@mmreesescott)
2/11/13 4:23 PM
“To trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves...and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted."~ John Holt

Dr. Price-Mitchell (@DrPriceMitchell)
2/11/13 4:27 PM
What Alfie Kohn thinks of parent involvement shrd.by/5JdlEZ#edchat #ptchat

Alfie Kohn says, “While everyone wants parents to be engaged with what their children are doing in school, what matters more is the nature of that engagement. There’s a big difference between a parent who’s focused on what the child is doing – that is, on the learning itself – and a parent who’s focused on how well the child is doing

George Veletsianos (@veletsianos)
2/11/13 4:28 PM
RT @LNM_Monash: Evidence of an ed-tech slow-down (in Europe at least) with the cancellation of the LWF 2013 conference- bit.ly/WQSqXy