Friday, February 8, 2013

paulo freire - a review

The Education Review is an open access ("free-to-read") journal that has published more than 3,000 reviews of books in education continuously since 1998. The Education Review has just published a new essay book review.
Tarlau, Rebecca. Freire in theory and practice: An essay review of Paulo Freire: The Man from Recife by James D Kirylo. 
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Another contribution Kirylo makes is
bringing alive the stories of people who
have been personally affected by Freire.
From Jonathan Kozol’s last meeting with
Freire at the airport, when Freire firmly told
him, “A young man is going to have to die
in certain ways in order to become the kind
of man he needs to be,”

His primary legacy lies with the
diverse and creative ways contemporary
social movements, grassroots organizations,
and activists have and continue to utilize his
ideas in practice.