Friday, June 8, 2012

twitter this morning

i was hearing jr all through twitter today.. saying:
don't tell me there's not enough people in the world who want peace (in his latest video - reviewing his year with insideout)

Aron Solomon (@aronsolomon)
6/8/12 6:04 AM
As one whose ancestors called Krakow home, I'm cringing at the prospect of more racist embarrassment over the course of#Euro2012. Sorry.
Max McKeown (@MaxMckeown)
6/8/12 6:06 AM
You know, we're really not. RT @umairh: Get it together, people. We're almost at the party at the end of the world.

Vinay Gupta (@leashless)
6/8/12 5:15 AM
This is the thing you have to understand. This *is* going away. We are fighting about what replaces it. Economy/Climate both end this game.

Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
6/8/12 4:37 AM
@mark57g it seems like it's easier than we're making it out to be. be nice to each other, listen actively, be authentic and vulnerable, etc.

Jacqueline Novogratz (@jnovogratz)
6/8/12 2:52 AM
Congrats to new fellows at @echoinggreen -so important to cultivate bold, moral leaders in today's world

pammoran (@pammoran)
6/8/12 6:09 AM
@catherinecronin nodes and hubs of informal, natural leaders connecting the edu-ecosystem and seeing "in the moment" ala Langer's work

will comment and add more later