Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On March 11, 2011, Japan experienced one of the greatest disasters in history; a 9.0 earthquake followed by massive tsunamis. Thousands perished, many more lost their homes. Across Eastern Japan, infrastructure was laid to ruin, and the threat of nuclear disaster lingered for months. The lack of basic life services and sufficient energy caused grave concern for the future amongst the Japanese people. To alleviate the fear following the disaster, and to better prepare ourselves for the future, we designed an entirely new way of living – one that is in harmony with nature and technology. Collaborating with architects, technologists and other experts, we developed a completely self-sufficient house and living style, in which people can generate, control and consume energy without depending on external energy sources. We named our off-grid residence “MIRAI NIHON (the future of Japan)” and became the first advertising agency to offer a residential environment as a product

Fast Company (@FastCompany)
6/5/12 2:12 PM
How An Ad Agency Reimagined Off-The-Grid Living via@FastCoCreate