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Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
6/1/12 4:59 AM
Critical thinking required: 21 Century Agenda + #edu concerns are relevant to keep on table cc@monk51295 @johnccarver

Given the state of education, one might think that aspiring to higher achievement standards, good literature, student testing and accountability, and closing the education gap were the wave of the future. Some even hope that sound curriculum, good teaching and critical thought might make a comeback.

JenniferSertl Amplified Individual requires an individual education ~ progress in #edu by @CathyNDavidson cc @monk51295 @johnccarver
Alvin Toffler calls this method of instruction “unlearning.” In times of dramatic change, when your old habits are preventing you from succeeding against new odds, you have to first see what trouble your old habits get you into. Before you can move forward, you have to see your best intuitions, skills, and patterns not only aren’t helping you move forward; they are what are holding you back.