Saturday, June 2, 2012

diane ravitch

Diane Ravitch (@DianeRavitch)
6/2/12 5:58 AM
The Wisdom of a Teacher via@wordpressdotcom

i don't know.. scary.. his thinking .. just as dangerous as testing.. no? assuming we know what is best for another person. assuming college is it. teaching is an act of seduction? making kids love what you're selling? 
i just don't think we need that. learning/life has its own allure.
 I know very well what’s important to English language learners, as well as what they will need to avoid taking zero-credit remedial courses when they enter college. From all I’ve seen, the state and city governments haven’t got the remotest clue.Teaching is an act of seduction. It’s about making kids love what you’re selling, which is education, their future. The obsession with testing is destroying that. The notion that a teacher can be judged on a test which is likely to be total crap is absurd, and it’s remarkable we even need to discuss it.