Thursday, January 20, 2011

sugata mitra

the granny cloud via @ewanmcintosh 
(ewan rocks big time) (ok - so does sugata) (ok - everyone rocks)

it's simple.
you can learn/be/do whatever you want.
we have all the resources we need for mentors.

not that many people will need to change what they are doing now.. as long as they love what they are doing now.
we just need to reassemble gatherings.. who's together in a room (space) and why. and free up the people who aren't doing what the love to start that journey.

we do need, however, to focus more on access. 3/4 of the world won't have it as easy. 3/4 of the world aren't connected.
please look into what kosta is doing in regard to that. this is a game we all want to play.
let's be green about people