Sunday, January 30, 2011

kirsten olson

i;m currently reading here: wounded by school

student: actually when i'm stupidist, thinking most simply & conventional that i do best on std tests. - @OlsonKirsten 's wounded by school

student: a confusing land of contradictory rules.
my heart is heavy. oh what we miss.. in the name of school. reading - @OlsonKirsten 's Wounded by School  ... let's notice people.

ave child by M Buscemi: part of that majority, hump part of the bell, spends his life unnoticed in an average kind of hell. -wounded by schl
feeling unseen, unknown, undersold in school - wounds of the average   - @OlsonKirsten 's Wounded by School  ... notice people.

we are terribly attached to an institution that does not, in the face of a great deal of evidence, serve us well. @OlsonKirsten 's Wounded

we need to stop chasing exponentially expanding content. vincent hawkins, director of curric & instruct, vermont

new employees are of limited value to our company if they can't grow out of the role for which they were intially hired, bill engler , being versatiel is the surest way to get yourself noticed
we'll take a risk hiring someone w/o technical expertise, but you can't teach someone to be confident or flexible.  bill gallagher, pres of computer bases financial systems, ADS

Gatto: lockstep schooling, drvein by standardization/obedience, drives out imagination and courage

@OlsonKirsten p. 86 is huge, we don't yet have language to frame our problems in affective terms - wounded by school
none have hrs/stamina to ? anything about the ed system -we're so preoccupied w/our own kids immediate problems - wounded @OlsonKirsten 
after 6th grade i found myself abandoning the one thing i had found comfort in for so many years, my imagination. -wounded @OlsonKirsten