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Blew me away with its rigor and clarity.  Via @zeynep. “Social media is a conversation, not a press release.”

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Students: How should we ensure that a college ratings system is valid and reliable? #StuVoice

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what does that even mean?
valid to who? reliable for what?

@arneduncan @BriNeids What about the role of the community in the edu system to help students find their passion and be prepared? #StuVoice

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. @keegannsmith #stuvoice go to school to learn  what govt req- use hrs after school to study what you are passionate about!

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Julie Smolyansky (@JulieSmolyansky)
1/13/14 8:41 PM
CDC estimates top 5 diseases cost 350 billion a yr. & 70% is preventable by healthy lifestyle.@billclinton #healthmatters2014

David Cancel (@dcancel)
1/13/14 10:06 AM
"A perfect elevator pitch is no pitch at all. It is a working product with an audience."

Target audience is the group of people that could benefit the most from what you are building, and have a willingness to pay for it. Focus your work on helping them

Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal)
1/13/14 8:42 PM
Ex-Fullerton Officers Found Not Guilty In Beating Death Of Kelly

Leadon Young (@LeadonYoung)
1/13/14 9:28 AM
It Is Expensive to Be…

For all the talk in my PLN and extended circles about learner-centric education, however, I still see comparatively low uptake of eportfolios to typically instructor-driven tools like an LMS (39k Mahara community members since 2006 v 1.3m Moodle community members since 2002). My personal opinion is that learner-centric is too hard to measure consistently at scale – and education hype right now is all about metrics and data and analytics. The presentation by Steve Collis on the learner-enabling and instructor-support style of education at Northern Beaches Christian School at the School MoodleMoot 2013 was met with inspiration and amazement at such innovation – but they’ve been focusing on innovative learning since 2005. Other fads have come and gone, and learner-centric teaching seems even further away with regulatory reporting in VET and standardised testing in K12.

learner centric teaching...?

The impression I get is that learner-centric seems too hard. It’s easier to set basic criteria that exactly match curriculum and have the system automatically hand them a badge. In that scenario, perhaps badges do signal the death of eportfolio – not because they serve the same purpose, but badges are easier to issue and analyse in a more formal learning environment. It’s easier to report on learning and achievement when a skill is compartmentalised and the sum of boxes ticked means your learner is now done with that level – Tick, NEXT!

I wonder if we’ll see any change in the way eportfolios are used as a result of badges. How will we see instructors using eportfolios – combining badges, “narrative and reflection” and artefacts as “personal portfolios” (thanks @iangarnderb)?

the brain ness.
as a trail... not as proof.. ness

Very cool bike path concept. Though, LA might have slightly better weather for it than London.

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Breather -- is key part of an ecosystem where 'work is freed from jobs" -- like Starbucks "3rd place" was.

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Sneak preview of "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz": film gets released at @sundancefest on 1/20.

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