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"There’s a certain freedom to do whatever I want to do, which I guess is the definition of being an artist." —Maira Kalman via @brainpicker

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I'm curious: is there anyone out there who would choose to live at some point in the past?

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@alexismadrigal I would live in Ischia in September 2013 forever.

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Turning Poop into Energy Across Africa... Profitably via @unreasonable

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@a_small_lab you might like this Open Library concept via @JuliusJaaskelai

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Paulo Simões (@pgsimoes)
1/11/14 5:05 PM
Only 3 percent complete Duke’s noncredit online courses (via @rayschroeder)#elearning #edtech

Paulo Simões (@pgsimoes)
1/11/14 5:05 PM
Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Spring Semester 2014 (via@rayschroeder#elearning #edtech

Seb Paquet (@sebpaquet)
1/11/14 5:05 PM
How do you popularize a theory?

heywho (@heywho)
1/11/14 5:07 PM
I don’t trust anyone, anymore —Money owns it all —both sides @angelstout77: I trust my president.#WereHosed @MichaelLegare

Jason Silva (@JasonSilva)
1/11/14 5:08 PM
"FAA to Check Obese Pilots for Sleep Apnea".. Thoughts?…

Bill Fitzgerald (@funnymonkey)
1/11/14 5:08 PM
Improving America's Schools Act (1994)… 


Ira Socol (@irasocol)
1/11/14 5:12 PM
I remember back in 1998 the proof arriving that dyslexia was both genetic and very common everywhere. Still waiting for education to change

Xabier Ormazabal (@xormazabal)
1/11/14 4:39 PM
@ValaAfshar: Abundance of connections, scarcity of trust…” < nice summary of @jobsworth cxotalk @salesforce

Kenwardjr (@Kenwardjr)
1/11/14 5:00 PM
Why didn't anyone plan for this completely foreseeable chemical spill in WV? New @wvgazette story,…

read in relation to...
completely foreseeable... death of us...  ness

etalbert (@etalbert)
1/11/14 5:18 PM
Stress, Brain Changes, and Depression | Cultivating Contentment &…
Researchers at the University of Washington have recently discovered that a neuropeptide called corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), which under normal conditions helps the brain to release dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasurable sensations, loses this ability under stressful conditions, for over three months. That’s a long time. 

Tech Delight (@techdelight)
1/12/14 7:51 AM
23 More Amazing Museums Where You Can Sleep Next to History

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
1/12/14 7:58 AM
Get ready to learn from 18 year old ski racer @MikaelaShiffrin. Getting better every day is the goal. Winning is the consequence.

CanadianRunning (@CanadianRunning)
1/12/14 5:16 AM
Running buddies are the best! Who'd you run with today?

twitter friends.. who they tweet about.......and... and... and authors 

Enemies of the Poor, via @nytimes

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ReachScale (@ReachScale)
1/12/14 7:59 AM
#Ideas for 2014: Democratized #Entrepreneurship: Five Future Trends That Will Impact the#LearningEcosystem…

Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer)
1/12/14 8:00 AM
#MLA14 #s679 As @elotroalex begins speaking, I wonder if the very notion of the archive could be at odds with a #dhpoco perspective...

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
1/11/14 9:37 PM
reading @Jessifer. tonight i was glad to be anywhere but #MLA14...but i would have loved to have heard this panel:…

Chad Lockart (@chadlockart)
1/12/14 8:00 AM
New York City has experienced a 73% decrease in cyclist risk of injury since…

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
1/12/14 8:01 AM
Kiribati island being submerged by tides. Soon millions of #climate refugees will wander planet looking 4 new homes…

Copyright Matters has been updated to include changes to 'fair dealing'. Important info for Canadian educators.

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"Our accountability system is broken." - @DrTonyWagner

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or perhaps - thinking we need an accountability system - or could possibly manage an ethical one - is off the the elephant in the room ness..

accountability system.. how we get to endless cc policy and 1994 acts et al..