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A credential, like any common currency, is valued only because of the collective agreement to assign it value.  The value of a college degree has been in question since the Great Recession, but there have yet to emerge clear alternatives for the public to rally the around.  There are plenty of contenders, though, and it won’t be long before one of them crystalizes the idea for the masses that the traditional degree is increasingly irrelevant in a world with immediate access to evaluative information.

“What I be” project reveals people’s darkest insecurities in stunning photos

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Boston mayor, @marty_walsh, focusing on violence prevention: #phealth #CureViolence

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Who would need to measure wealth with mathematical precision in a world where you could use the commons freely and keep whatever you made?

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Is audience the new currency? From @brendangahan via @briansolis -->

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couldn’t fit the tweet as I wanted it so I made it an image.  seems appropriate given the source.  #engchat #edchat

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Giesbaergskekoleurengazette , honouring what immigrants bring to local communities in the Flanders, wonderfully done!

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Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
1/10/14 7:58 AM
The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence - Adam Grant - The Atlantic…via @jhagel
Roddick explained, “Whenever we wanted to persuade our staff to support a particular project we always tried to break their hearts.” 
As Professor Kilduff and colleagues put it, it is high time that emotional intelligence is “pried away from its association with desirable moral qualities.”

We’re learning better ways to connect with our community every year by listening to what they need.
Dawn Hancock
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Students practice absolute value and integer operations using a card game designed by the Institute! #PedagooFriday

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Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
1/11/14 8:04 AM
Major problem with CC in one paragraph - from…

Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid)
1/11/14 8:13 AM
Yep. RT @hjarche: This is what happens to companies like @twitter after IPO: they lose their original raison d'ĂȘtre

Max Mckeown (@MaxMckeown)
1/11/14 8:15 AM
Facts are the friends of (@BillMoyersHQ)
1/11/14 7:01 AM
There are more millionaires in Congress than ever

C Foote (@technolibrary)
1/9/14 3:04 PM
@shareski Have you visited this school?…

Seth Mnookin (@sethmnookin)
1/9/14 3:02 PM
Towards total HIV eradication: how to kill the virus after kicking it out of hiding (@PLOSPathogens)…

Ben Parr (@benparr)
1/9/14 2:49 PM
You want a simple question answered really fast? @jellyhq. You want a thoughtful, in-depth response? @Quora.

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
1/9/14 2:59 PM
Anyone read this? I sense it's a load 'o crap, but the few pages I skimmed seemed earnest (and full 'o crap).…

Michelle Baldwin (@michellek107)
1/9/14 3:03 PM
@garystager 1st ch compares 2 schools. Says that 1 school performs much higher than the other. Higher school has selection process. Shocker.

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
1/9/14 3:06 PM
@michellek107 Hah! I did notice that the list of "good schools" in the appendix were mostly charters. Another book to skip.

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
1/9/14 3:07 PM
@michellek107 Who publishes this dreck?

Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
1/9/14 3:19 PM
@timholt2007 @michellek107 OF COURSE it's in John Boehner's district.

Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo)
1/11/14 8:26 AM
Kudos to #edcampdelta for including 50 or so students in an education (un)conference.

Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
1/11/14 8:27 AM
Smart stuff #edchat Common Core chaos: NY state website sends kids to offensive test

eye candy to debunk..
then what...?
Reading short, informational texts may prepare students for reading tests, but reading full length works prepares students for college.

ww.. only those two choices....?

Interrupting the transmission of violence - interview on #gunviolence series @CatchafireCEO @GSlutkin

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